Cemetery Project

Beginning in the fall of 2015 the Prairie Central High School Geography classes began the process of mapping all twenty cemeteries in the school district. We currently have four cemeteries mapped, they include: St. John’s Catholic, Graceland, Fairview, and Chatsworth-Charlotte cemeteries. Below you will find a map of the cemeteries in the Prairie Central school district. Also, you can find links to completed cemetery maps and as new maps become completed they will also be linked in the list below.

The purpose of the cemetery project is to provide future generations a database for research and a way to honor those who have gone before us. Our hope is to preserve the history of this area and share it with the generations to come. We hope that you find this information helpful in some way. As our data grows, we are finding a significant number of veteran’s graves that have been damaged over the years. Our hope is that we can work with local organizations to raise funds and organize help to replace or repair damaged veterans’ graves in the Prairie Central school district. Those who are interested in helping are encouraged to contact Andrew Quain at Prairie Central High School.

This research was conducted by the students enrolled in the Human Geography classes at Prairie Central High School. The students’ work including cemetery data collection sheets, geographic analysis of the cemeteries, and works cited can be accessed at the Prairie Central High School Library by contacting the school librarian, Ruth Getchius. Questions, comments, corrections, or updated information pertaining to these maps should be sent to Prairie Central High School, 411 North 7th Street, Fairbury Illinois 61739 c/o Andrew Quain. A form for additions, corrections, or updated information can be accessed by clicking here.

Veterans Research

Upon completion of the maps, students identify veteran’s graves that are damaged. Our goal is to replace any damaged veteran’s grave with a historically accurate new stone. Before this can be accomplished detailed research must be performed on each veteran. During the school year, students enrolled in Illinois History class will research the veterans that have damaged gravestones. Their research can be found at the link below:

Local Veterans Research Webpage

In The News

15 April 2016 – WMBD, CBS Peoria, ran a news story about our project. The video and story can be seen on Central Illinois Proud News.


1. Pike
2. Chenoa
3. Calvary Catholic
4. Payne
5. Weston

6. Cooper
7. Fairview
8. Spence
9. Avoca
10. Graceland
*South Graceland

11. St. John’s Catholic
12. South Apostolic Christian
13. Cropsey
14. North Apostolic Christian
15. Forrest

16. Strawn
17. Pleasant Ridge
18. St. Patrick’s Catholic
19. Germanville
20. Chatsworth-Charlotte