Emergency Closing Information
Prairie Central Web

Should the school need to be closed due to weather conditions or emergencies, the following stations will be notified:

Champaign T.V. Station Channel 3
Pontiac Radio Station WPOK 1080 AM
Pontiac Radio Station WJEZ 103.5 FM
Bloomington Radio Station WJBC 1230 AM
Blooomington Radio Station WBNQ 101.5 FM
Gibson City Radio Station WGCY 106.3 FM
Kankakee Radio Station WKAN 1320 AM
Kankakee Radio Station WBSW 099.9 FM

The decision to close early will usually be made with enough time prior to dismissal for parents to make arrangements for their children. It is extremely important that parents instruct their children as to what to do when they arrive home early. Please make sure your children know how to get in and out of your home, or have a friend, neighbor, or relative readily available to take them into their home. Be prepared by having plans made in advance to prevent undue stress on your child.

School Phone Numbers:

Westview Elementary School-  692-2623  or  692-3789

Prairie Central Schools Transportation Director (busses)  657-8237 ext 1