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Scheduled Early-Out Days, 2017-18:
One (1) Hour Early-Out DatesReason
September 28Parent-Teacher Conferences, Grades 9-12 (3-6:30 PM)
October 17Parent-Teacher Conferences, Grades K-8 (3-6:30 PM)
October 20Parent-Teacher Conferences, Grades K-6 (3-6:30 PM)
November 22Eve of Holiday Break
December 20Eve of Holiday Break
March 23Eve of Holiday Break
February 6Parent-Teacher Conferences, Grades 9-12 (3-6:30 PM)
May 31 (Tentative)Last Day of Student Attendance
Two (2) - Hour Early-Out DatesReason
September 6School Improvement
September 22PCHS Homecoming
October 4School Improvement
November 1School Improvement
December 8School Improvement
February 7School Improvement
March 7School Improvement
April 4School Improvement
May 2School Improvement