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Scheduled Early-Out Days, 2016-17:
One (1) Hour Early-Out DatesReason
September 29Parent-Teacher Conferences, Grades 7-12 (3-6:30 PM)
October 17Parent-Teacher Conferences, Grades K-6 (3-6:30 PM)
October 20Parent-Teacher Conferences, Grades K-6 (3-6:30 PM)
November 23Eve of Holiday Break
December 21Eve of Holiday Break
March 17Eve of Holiday Break
February 7Parent-Teacher Conferences, Grades 7-12 (3-6:30 PM)
June 2 (Tentative)Last Day of Student Attendance
Two (2) - Hour Early-Out DatesReason
September 7School Improvement
October 5School Improvement
October 7PCHS Homecoming
November 2School Improvement
December 7School Improvement
January 4School Improvement
February 1School Improvement
March 1School Improvement
April 12 (Change from April 5 due to SAT Exam)School Improvement
May 3School Improvement