Sports equipment

                                                                                                                                       July 21, 2021

Dear Prairie Central Parents and Supporters,

One of the greatest strengths of our district is the support of our communities and the people around us. I often find myself bragging to other superintendents about how well our parents and community members are willing to jump in at the drop of a hat to help out when asked. We have had parent groups assemble playground equipment, do landscaping, organize fundraisers, work concessions, help build a track, work with students on anything from reading to meat judging, and anything else that we have requested. We are at a time when we need to ask for help in keeping our athletics running smoothly. 

For many years, there have been extremely dedicated parents running our Athletic Booster Club. The time and effort they have given has provided our kids with equipment and uniforms, has furnished an amazing weight room at the High School, and has even helped ensure that ALL Prairie Central students have the opportunity to participate in sports regardless of financial status. The organization helps support both our junior high and high school sports teams, and they do this through hard work and fundraising, their largest fundraiser being concession stands.

Over time, it has been increasingly difficult to get parents to help with the activities that keep this exceedingly essential group running. Unfortunately, the group is ready to fold. Without this organization, our student athletes will not have the necessary equipment for successful programs. We are all very busy, and it is difficult to fit “one more thing” into our day, however there are some opportunities that are worth making time for. Volunteering to help our Athletic Booster Club is one of these. We are asking you as parents to step up, as you always have, to help this organization continue the good work that they do for the benefit of our student-athletes. The group needs leaders and supporters both. If you are not interested in serving on the Athletic Booster board, there are many other ways you can help support our student athletes.

If your child is participating in a sport, you will be asked to sign up to work at the concession stand at least once during the season. More often would be greatly appreciated. There is also a need for people to help organize volunteers, people willing to maintain the inventory of concession stands, and someone to serve at every officer position on the Booster Club board. No matter what you can offer, anything is appreciated, and you aren’t required to have a child in a sport to support this cause! These are exceedingly important programs for our kids. We want to be sure our student athletes have everything they need to continue these valuable experiences. Without the Booster Club, our teams will NOT have the level of support that they currently have. Please consider supporting our athletic teams through the Prairie Central Athletic Booster Club. If you would be willing to help out in any way, please email either of our athletic directors, Austin Wenger ( or Ben Klekamp ( and they will connect you with our Booster Club. THANK YOU in advance for your help and for all of your past support. You truly make Prairie Central a great place for kids!


                                                                                                                        Paula Crane,                                                                                                                                                                                                    Superintendent