Meet Elizabeth and her paint horse, Roxy. Mr. Rothert’s AG/IT class presents a share the wealth project each week. Elizabeth is educating the class about the equine world.
about 7 hours ago, Mr. Klekamp
Share the Wealth
It’s a beautiful day for band rehearsal outside!
about 9 hours ago, Mr. Klekamp
John insists a person could climb the stairs from the bottom to the top of his tower. What do you think? #mcescher #STEAM
about 9 hours ago, Mr. Klekamp
Mr Grant’s class is discussing the Amendments today. Quiz time...who was the first president to break the two term tradition set in place by George Washington? !#FDR
about 10 hours ago, Mr. Klekamp
8th Grade Social Studies
ATTENTION HAWKS: We need your help with this ASAP!!! Please click on the following link to let us know your plans for next quarter. We need one form completed for EVERY student grades 7-12, whether or not there is a change in the choice of instruction (in-person or remote). The form must be completed by Friday, September 25th. THANK YOU! #ItsAGreatDayToBeAHawk
about 10 hours ago, Mr. Wenger
HAWKS WIN!!! Jr. High softball victory over Ottawa! 10-0 in 5 innings! Come out and cheer us on as we play in the regional championship this Saturday, September 26th. Game time. 11am.
1 day ago, Mr. Klekamp
BETTER WORLD - BETTER SCHOOL -BETTER YOU! Here at the UE we are doing big things to help change the world. We strongly believe that if we have a better world, we will be better for it! So we are pressing forward by partnering with USagain! Do you have clothing, fabrics, shoes or other textiles that no longer “spark joy?” Please bring them to the UE and donate them! We have a Tree Machine (donation box) conveniently located at the Upper Elementary. For every Tree Machine that is filled our school will receive monetary funds that will be dedicated to the UE students.
1 day ago, Keri Jancek
PCHS Hawks are just as focused and hardworking in the lab and the classroom as they are in athletics! Let's go Hawks!! #ItsAGreatDayToBeAHawk
1 day ago, Mr. Wenger
Primary East made self portraits during our weekly SEL trait on safety and why we wear masks.
2 days ago, Prairie Central Primary East
First grade self portraits with masks.
Congratulations to the PC boys golf team on winning the 2020 Illini Prairie Conference Championship!! #ItsAGreatDayToBeAHawk
3 days ago, Mr. Wenger
boys golf
Who has the strongest tasting lemonade? Sixth grade students learned about ratios today. They rated three different lemonade recipes. Everyone enjoys a lemonade stand!
3 days ago, Keri Jancek
Rate the taste of the lemonade
Congrats to the Jr. High baseball team on a great season!
3 days ago, Mr. Klekamp
2020-2021 JH Baseball Team
Good luck to the PC boys golf team today as they compete in the Illini Prairie Conference golf tournament at the U of I golf course! #ItsAGreatDayToBeAHawk
3 days ago, Mr. Wenger
boys golf
boys golf
Reminder: All school meals are free to all children ages 18 and under at this time! In-person learners can take a meal "to go", an remote learners and community members can pick up free meals daily. Remote learners and community members can sign up at:
3 days ago, Prairie Central CUSD #8
Four cheese-filled bread sticks
Junior High and High School parents, please fill out the survey for your child's second quarter learning preference if you have not already done so. We need data for ALL students to help us plan!! Use the following link:
3 days ago, Prairie Central CUSD #8
PCHS National Honor Society is offering tutoring via Zoom every day during activity period. Students should check with their AP teacher or contact Mrs. Getchius,, if interested in signing up! #ItsAGreatDayToBeAHawk
3 days ago, Mr. Wenger
zoom tutoring
Congratulations to the PC girls golf team on their 3rd place finish at the Illini Prairie Conference Tournament today! #ItsAGreatDayToBeAHawk
4 days ago, Mr. Wenger
IPC girls golf
It's a beautiful day for the girls IPC golf tournament today! Good luck to the PC lady golfers! #ItsAGreatDayToBeAHawk
4 days ago, Mr. Wenger
Students from Mrs. McBride's class and Mrs. Pollard's class were able to Zoom with archeologist Kimberly Byrnes. Ms. Byrnes shared her personal story of becoming an archeologist and answered student questions. Students learned that Ms. Byrnes helped to excavate a colonial era town in North Carolina last year and told us about the cannon that her team recently recovered from Blackbeard's pirate ship!
4 days ago, Keri Jancek
Ms. Byrnes zooming with Mrs. Pollard's class
Mrs. Pollard's class zooming with an archeologist.
AG IV senior mechanics students are hard at work on this mower deck! #ItsAGreatDayToBeAHawk
7 days ago, Mr. Wenger